How to order ?

Dear guest,

Our website is going on translation. 

If your want to order from now on, your will find below some advice to help you. If you have any question, do not hesitate and send us an e-mail.

Thank you very much for your interest and so long in our website.


Team Novyparts



Step 1 :

Chose your product or service

For example to order a shifter (our best seller) but it is the same method for all our goods :

section PRODUITS products

clic on LEVIER POUR TIGE DE SELLE shifter for seatpost  in the menu

select Levier pour tige de selle shifter for seatpost

chose Levier à monter vous-même (119€) shifter to put on your MTB by yourself

clic on Ajouter au panier  add to cart

clic on Visualiser mon panier visualize the basket


To have an estimation, in PAYS DE LIVRAISON country of delivery, select your country.

(If the price do no change, clic on Recalculer recalculate )

Your can read the price for the product, for the shipment and the total.


To order, clic on Valider le panier order

Clic on Commander directement order directly without account

Write your e-mail adress (you will receive confirmation of order and delivery informations at this adress)

Tips : For your next order, an account is automatically creat with your e-mail adress and all your informations are saved except your payment information.

Clic on VALIDER et passer à l’étape suivante confirm your order


Step 2

Write your delivery adress :

Prénom = First name

Nom = Name

Tél = phone number

Adresse = delivery adress

Pays = country

Code postal = zip code

Ville = city


If you want to have an invoice in an other adress, clic on Adresse de livraison différente de l’adresse de facturation and write your invoice adress.


Select your birthday (recommanded) :

J = day

M = month

A = year

Clic on Passer à l’étape suivante go to the next step


Step 3

Delivery method

You have just one choice (selected)

Clic on Passer à l’étape suivante go to the next step


Step 4


Your are in a secure space (you can see a padlok close to https in the page adress)

You can pay by Visa or Master Card.

Clic on Valider ma commande confirm my order


You are redirected to the Banque Populaire (our French bank)

Chose your card type

Write your :

Numéro de carte = card number

Expiration = expiry date (month and year)

and maybe Cryptogramme = cryptogram are the 3 last number in the back of your card.

Clic on Valider confirm


It is done !

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail automatically.

I will send your the shifter the day before your order, the delivery depend on your country.


Any question ? You can use our Formulaire de contact contact form in the menu CONTACT, or send us an e-mail :

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